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Friday, 26 August 2016

Short hop to shopping 'Mecca'.

We haven't moved very far today. It has been a glorious, if very warm day today and we couldn't summon up much energy for anything. Over night a very run down boat trailing a worse wreck astern arrived at Bulls Bridge and of course tied up on the water point. This morning they put a hose out and they must have very large tanks as they were 'taking water' for over an hour. There appeared to be no glass in any of the windows, just cardboard. What will they do in the winter? I think if they had a dog aboard it may well be lawful for the RSPCA to enter the boat. I am not very sure whether the same would be true to ensure that there were fit and sanitary conditions aboard. If the boat has to have a BSS Certificate does it contain elements for the washing and toilet facilities, storage of food etc etc. I'm sure that houses would not be allowed like this.

We had no energy in the heat and as we had already decided to stop at Yiewsley to do some shopping we agreed that we would stop there for the day. We like an ALDI shop so soon after mooring we were off to fill the cupboards. Once back with three bags full we had a light lunch and a rest with a couple of tea listening to the afternoon play. We then set off again to TESCO next door. Just one bag this time and we then vacated the boat as it was too warm and sat on the bench near the stern reading.

Once the sun had gone down a little and the towpath side had cooled somewhat I filled a couple of buckets of water and washed down the st'bd side to get rid of two weeks worth of London dust. After a chat with another we discovered that there was a B&M Bargains in town at which Helen's ears pricked up so we have that to visit in the morning. I also learned where I could by my strap or filter wrench so we wont be having an early start tomorrow. There is also a Morrison's so a bit of an easy shopping destination for a boater.

I had wondered where Yiewsley got it's name and apparently it is a corruption of Wifel's woodland clearing in Anglo Saxon. It is not in the Doomsday Book but seems to appear in 1232. Nothing much happens to change the hamlet until the canal was dug. Between Yiewsely and West Drayton was a branch canal called the Otter Dock that accessed the Hillingdon brick fields. At it's peak 5 million bricks were been carried from them to a wharf in Paddington for the growth of London. The coming of the Great Depression put the seal on the loss of the work and by 1935 the brick works had closed and the Otter Dock was filled in. Ronnie Wood of the 'Faces' and the 'Rolling Stones' was brought up in the town. With the Cross Rail or Elizabeth Line coming here in the next year or two I expect that there will be a little bit of a boom in house building around here, and inevitably the house prices will go up.

Sorry there are no photos today. I promise that I will do better tomorrow.

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