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Monday, 8 August 2016

City bound.

We set off about 0900 to make the trip into London. We thought that the tow path and the cut were much cleaner than when we were here two years ago.

There was plenty of second broods about too. Looking at these moorhen chicks you can easily see the relationship to dinosaurs.

This is Lyon's Dock that was opened by them next to their new factory in 1921. It could handle the discharge of several boats at the same time and store the tea/coffee/goods in bonded warehouses. Lyons were so proud of their dock that they showed the King and Queen round in 1923.

Not the only antediluvian thing spotted on the Paddington Arm today.

We don't remember these apartment being there last time we passed through Alperton. We liked them as they had gardens and a bit of space between them and looked quite spacious.

There were many short arms and wharfs along the Paddington Arm. Many of them have been put to good use but not this one near Kensal Green.

This one almost nextdoor has though as it looks like it is a children's activity centre.

This one near by has been made a feature of a development of new apartments and office space.

I love this and have taken a photo every time we have passed. I hope that it is kept up over the years but it would be very expensive to redo it I expect.

A des. res. in Little Venice. However when you look the other way there is no nest in it so they are just using it a London 'pied a terre'.

At the north end of Regent's Park are even more salubrious residences. Helen loves ogling these as we pass and we will have to go and see if we can get a look at the other side of them. I tell here they will have wheelie bins and trashed cars in front!

At Gilbey's Wharf near Camden is the Pirate's Castle. It is a charity that was started by Lord St. John after kids wanted to borrow a rowing boat from the bottom of his garden there. Eventually he bought an old barge and with help converted it to a club house in 1966. Yobs burnt it out but the charity went from strength to strength and offer water based adventures with kayak and canoe and trips away on their own narrow boats.

As we approached Camden we came across this punt doing a roaring business. The locks were busy with C&RT boats full of lock gates and 'stuff'. We had a bit of a wait whilst everything was sorted out. It was a bit breezy through the buildings so hung on to the right of the lock. The water taxi narrow boat reversed out from the left and although there was room for him to turn towards Regent's Park it all had to be full ahead and full astern with his muttering and chowing. I'm not sure where he wanted us to go as we would have been in his way where ever we were. I remember the same bloke doing his Mr. Grumpy last time we came this way too.

As were were waiting we got a good view under the four storey covered warehouse where boats could be unloaded under cover in these wharfs.

These where the TV studios of TV AM in 1981. They were sold to MTV in 1993.

Helen can't resist a mirrored window.

After camden we were soon at our London moorings at St. Pancras Cruising Club. We just shoehorned in alongside another boat and this is our view.

This was our view in 2014 when we were last here. Apparently the penthouse apartments are £2million, a one bedroom is around £1 mill and a studio is £850,000. If you want one though I would hang on as it sounds as though they haven't sold any off plan so they will be coming down in price, maybe.

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