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Friday, 28 March 2014


We have all ready made one trip to our boat with stuff we will need. Tools, bedding, dry food, cat food, etc etc. We are only 50 mins away so it isn't too bad a trip to do in a day as you get time to sort out some jobs whilst there. I was very pleased to see that the addition of edge trims around the engine hole has solved the problem of entering the engine bilge. I used the trim as a method of reducing engine noise so to prevent the water ingress is a real bonus. The water must have been entering over the lip after a real down pour as it couldn't escape through the freeing port fast enough. (I suppose then that we may not have had a heavy enough down pour!). It also seems to make a real difference to the sound levels on the after deck too. That is a real result for £25-00 spent from They also do caravan and boat window seals and  fenders etc. They were very quick on delivery too.

Click for larger version
Edge trim used. Placed over the metal lip and lightly hammered into place.

I have also put in place the coir matting under the mattress to see if it will cure the condensation from sleeping. In the end I bought three large plastic backed door mats and  cut them to shape. I will let you know how it works, but if it does it is another cheap fix and may even add by softening the bed a little more.
Tesco Jumbo Coir Mat 60x90
PVC backed coir doormat 60 x 90cm x 3 cut to fit the space.

I now have to contemplate packing clothes etc. I hate all this, but after last year I hope I take less stuff that I wont use and so have more space for the stuff I do. There will be the inevitable odds and ends to find and pack but really as we are off to Sheffield first and then back to Thorne we will be able to collect anything we forget, and take back items that we don't need that have found their way aboard. Today I need to source a small battery for the cats tracking system. It seems it isn't a common size and has over 20 equivalents.

I can't wait for teleport systems as it would make all this build up much easier to take. Still next week we will be off on our way shouldn't grumble.


  1. Look forward to following you up on your travels this summer.

  2. Hi Steve, I'm sure we will end up passing through Brum again this year so will keep in touch. I hope you are both well. Don't forget the clocks going forward tonight! Cheers for now, Tony and Helen.