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Monday, 17 March 2014

Marsden revisited.

Last October we had just come out of the Stanedge Tunnel into Yorkshire when we learned it was the Jazz Festival at Marsden. We stopped a couple of nights and had a great time. We bought a ticket for the Duck Race in aid of the Local National Trust, and we won third prize, a meal for two at the Riverhead Brewery Tap pub and restaurant. Well we finally managed to get back to partake.

We went up on Sunday, leaving Hull basking in Sunshine and once near Huddersfield the cloud  descended and it became grey and miserable. Still we went for a walk on the opposite side of the valley to the canal and had a healthy romp up hill and down dale.

There are many reservoirs in the area, this one is Butterly Reservoir but is not for the canal. Good job as it it is extremely low for some reason.

Not lost, just resting!

New Mills, the disused mill in the middle of Marsden. It closed as recently as 2002. There are plans to convert it to a health centre, offices and apartments. I hope they keep the bridges.

After our walk we booked in to the New Inn and I promptly fell asleep! We then went down the Hill to The Riverhead Brewery Tap. They brew most of their own beer and a few guest beers. The ambiance is great and the beer was very nice and varied too, and not expensive. We went upstairs to the dining room and had a lovely three course meal. The staff were friendly and the service was quick so what is not to like. I wish we had a pub like this in our town.

The bar at the Riverhead Brewery Tap pub.

We came back today but I am already hoping that there will be enough water in the Huddersfield Narrow for us to journey up to Marsden again in October this year.

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  1. Just to inform you that New mill closed in 2003 (alongside Bank Bottom mill) due to the Crowther, Bruce & Co going into debt. (Crowther gained ownership after the closer of the company and thats why people associate the Mill with Bank Bottom) ... it is very interesting if you just read into it a little. At least your not apart of the parade of people who call it Bank Bottom mill!