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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Bridges of Maghull County.

We didn't have very far to travel today so once again we set off quite late. This stretch of 2.5 miles has four swing bridges. It takes me back to other parts of the Leeds and Liverpool canal over in Yorkshire.

There are four bridges but each one is different. The first one Bell's had automated barriers and flashing lights, but was 'manomatic' to open.

The second one, Methodist Bridge, has manual barriers but electric operation of the bridge deck.

The third one was  fully hand operated. I do like the supporting rolling wheel on the short side to the pivot. as this means that it is much easier to push if there is any wear at the pivot bearing. This one is known as Shaw's Bridge. I was expecting Catholic, or Anglican or something similar!

The final bridge of the day was Maghull Hall Bridge and, as was fitting as the road was very busy, it was fully automated. I was nosing through as soon as it started swinging but still Helen was able to hold up more vehicles than I can remember for a long time.

It is like when you get a new car with a colour that you haven't seen before, and as soon as you have it you notice hundreds of them as you drive around in it. The same goes for pill boxes as the other day I noticed a two story pill box near Heaton's Bridge (see blog) and then again today I have seen another. This one didn't have a roof left on it but it was of the same design. It seems that this double height boxes are quite unusual and are built specifically for its location. They seem to be based on the Type 24 box that is normally an irregular hexagonal shape. They were built to be 15" to 24" thick to be bullet proof. Two stories were used to give a better range of observation or to see over a perimeter or obstruction. The prefabricated embrasures were designed for either Bren guns or light machine guns.

As we leave Maghull we are briefly out into the country again, and the bridges are back to the more traditional, original bridges. We moored for the night just after the bridge. This is where we moored last time we were this way and after our conversation with the MMBC member yesterday we did so again. Plus it is a good spot for the solar panels. Now all we need is a bit of sun. Did I hear right that it is supposed to be warmer at the weekend/next week?

Certainly not the best picture but a hastily snatched picture of our first ducklings, and they were a very mixed bunch of colours.

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