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Monday, 16 April 2018

Boats, Beers and Boozers 1.

I am sometimes allowed out to conduct a survey of pubs along, and around our route around the canal and river system. Pubs are one of those things that are very individual. What one person would like another may not, and the same goes for beers. Since the 'Real Ale' revival there is an ever growing number of breweries and beers, some of which are bound not to be to my taste. But it will be great fun finding the ones a find palatable.

This will be an occasional series, (in other words, when I haven't got anything better to say!), and to sort of try to standardize them for purposes of comparison I have come up with some headings. General description, Beer Choice, price, ambiance, staff and position.

The Ship Inn at Lathom, also know as the 'Blood Bucket'.

This old pub has been done up quite nicely and still has separate areas or rooms. There is a 'mucky' room for walkers etc. and plenty of outside seating too. The name 'Blood Bucket' is said to come from locals and navvies fighting, or of the bucket that the landlady had for collecting blood from local farmers with which to make her famed black puddings.

Beer Choice:- There were six local beers on hand pull, including the Ship's Special that is brewed by Moorhouses of Burnley, 4.2% and £2-90, that was pleasant drink while not setting the mouth a jig. I also tried the Hop Chocolate from Beer Brothers of Preston, a small micro brewery that was set up in 2015. It had a nice head on it and a nice smooth taste, but not quite full enough. A beer you could have two or three of. 4.3% £3-20. I also tried a pint of Pipe Dream from George Wright Brewery of Rainford on Merseyside. It was a pleasant bitter with a hoppy taste, again 4.3%, £3-20.

Price:- We had food, Helen had gammon and I had steak pie. The food was very nice but was a little over priced a little. The beer was perhaps the right price for the place

Ambiance:- the area close to the bar is kept for drinkers and there are several cosy rooms around. The ceilings are quite low. It wasn't too busy the evening we went but at weekends you have to book if you want to eat.

Staff:- there were plenty of waitresses and I didn't have to wait long at the bar. It is only a small counter so when busy it must get very congested. All the staff engaged in conversation and smiled!

Position:- The canal is a little below the level of the first lock on the Rufford Arm of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Burscough Junction. A quick couple of minutes from the bridge.

Will definitely go again if we moor here again.

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