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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Heading down to Audlem.

We had a very late start due to work having to be undertaken by the  young ones. Helen took advantage by walking back into town for some 'shopping' and  I got the bucket and sponge out and washed the side of the boat. Mind you it took quite awhile as usual as everybody wants to chat.

Heavens, jou can see a reflection in it! I will be after a Braidbar boat next!!

This is the disused corn mill just next to the canal basin that must have been very busy at one time as it is very large as these things go. We finaly set off after having lunch, but just went though the bridge and stopped at the water point for a top up and dump the garbage. We were soon underway again and following behind another boat a bit of a distance ahead.

By chance the delayed start  worked in our favour as the sun came out, and slowly but surely Helen's layers of clothing  were dropped on the after deck. Don't get too many ideas as I think she still had at least four layers on at the end. This turn over bridge isn't quite a graceful those on the Macclesfield Canal.

We got to the top lock of the Adderley flight and the girls disappeared for a time. I then remembered about the farm shop stall. Next moment Helen was dashing back for her purse. I'm looking forward to the purchases later.

It seems that it was hard to make a choice.

The late afternoon sun through the statuesque trees made it a very pleasant trip to the top lock of the Audlem Locks.

Amy modelling a T shirt that is sold by the United Towing and Salvage Society. Just Google them if you are interested as they are available for purchase.

Heading down the flight we were keeping a lock away from the boat ahead. Behind us was 'Kangaroo' that was heading north single handed so we were lifting a paddle for him as we left. There had been lots of working boats passing us over the last couple of days and they are heading to Ellesmere Port for the Easter celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the opening of the canal museum there.

These two could be daughetrs. Mind  you I was using a big zoom lens at the time. They are both enjoying the sunshine though.

This barrel roofed shed was used by the men that used there skills to keep the flight running smoothly. They consisted of  carpenters, stone masons and blacksmiths. It is good it is still in a good condition by lock 10.

By the time we got to the bottom of lock 11 it was gone 1700 and there was a nice slot for us to moor in with a gap for the solar panels evening and morning so the decision was made to stop for the night and save a few locks for the morning. Whilst the others got the dinner ready, a lovely curry from scratch, I managed to get the bucket out again and washed the other side of the boat. I should sleep well tonight!

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