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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Going up in the world.

After a lovely quiet night, with the only noise being the munching of the horses in the field, and with no other boaters choosing to moor with us. We were soon underway again and heading for Middlewich.

A lovely house in a nice spot next to the road down to Church Minshull.

The old canal horse stables on the Middlewich Branch. I think the conversion to a house is very good. I am assuming there are windows on the other side that can be always open.

I just love the age of the stone and brick as you come out of Stanthorne Lock, the worn steps, the rope groves and old brick. Sort of sums up part of the appeal of the canals to me.

As we left the Wardle Canal there was all sorts going on at the chandlers opposite, and there was a boat on the water point too. We managed to get round and into the lock with no trouble. Once we were up I nipped over to the chippie for a huge bag of chips. It was glorious eating them hot on the move to the next lock. Gave us a new burst of energy, as well as warming us up.

No common rock or road salt this, it is destined for the tables of the nation. I was intrigued to read a sign on a pipe manifold in the yard stating it was the ash delivery point. Does this mean some sort of ash is mixed with salt?

Some very top heavy chimneys on Bridge Farm coming up to Booth Lane locks.

The whole area round here was set over to salt and their use as a feedstock for chemical production. the Murgatroyd Sat and Chemical works stood alongside the first two locks, but now all seems to be housing. Here below Lock 67 was Moston Mill that was built around 1825 and was making flour until the 1950's. Again it looks like a successful conversion to a house.

Helen lining up for entry to Lock 67.

Wheelock must have been a busy wharf as there are several surviving canal warehouse buildings near the water point. Out of shot to the right is the Italian Restaurant that was next to the canal.

On the other side of the road bridge is this larger warehouse now a pet food store. The back of the building facing the canal is not quite so cared for.

The water point was vacant so we pulled over and topped up and got rid of the recycling as they had a bin for this as well as general waste here. We pulled round the corner before mooring up for the night. There was no TV signal and no internet so I got well stuck into my latest book.

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