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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Steady progress up hill.

Before leaving this morning we put the washing machine on as I was definitely running out of jocks and socks. We then popped over to the water point to fill up what was used.

Kilby Bridge Wharf and services.

The weather was lovely, but a little windy, as we approached the first lock of the day. We then bumbled up to Bumble Bee Lock to be met by a lock keeper who asked us to wait as they were running water down from the Saddington Reservoir towards Leicester as there was a drained pound or something. I took the opportunity to wash the side of the boat and Helen put the kettle on and decided to back a coffee cake. I just had time to touch up a few rust spots when the keeper was back and best of all told us that there was another boat coming so we could share the lock with them. A short time later a Canal Time boat approached and we had a chatty time with the locks as we rose up towards the summit. Later I saw another grass snake in the water and as I opened the next lock gate the snake slipped in. It then settled on the sill waiting to be penned up. I have seen ducks doing it but not snakes. I have seen very few snakes and now I have seen two in two days!

 Grass snake resting on the cill. It was a little shorter than yesterdays but not by much.

Swapping stories on the way up.

 At Spinney Lock we are really getting into the country and leaving Leicester well behind.

Newton Top Lock is the last of the day. We were looking for a mooring a little further away from the railway line and where we can get a bit of sun on the solar panels.

We didn't have to go very far until we came across this spot. We soon had the clothes out on the drier and having lunch. It wasn't long before somebody else recognised a nice spot when they saw it so squeezed on behind us.

St Wistan's Church Wistowe. The church looks as though it was actually built for the lost medieval village of Wystowe marked on the OS map next to it as the village is not close. The church however is near to the Hall. I can't find why the village has been lost but is usually due to disease, enclosures for sheep or moving them off as they spoil the view!

Just up the road is the Wistow Rural Centre with shops etc. Helen found lots of things to spend her money on, but resisted. There is a model village there too that must have been built about 1999 and has raised thousands for charity. The village could do with some TLC now.

Back to the boat and all the washing was dry. The drier was put away and the kettle put on before sitting for an hour reading in the sun before tea.

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