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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Back to the beginning.

It was a lovely morning and as I was up earlier than usual I thought I would wash the port side, having done the st'bd the day before. I got talking to the boat behind us and arranged for us to move off together to do the locks as a pair. The Boat was called the 'Copper Dragon' after the brewery in Skipton. Mind you we didn't set off until much later as we were nattering so much.

Helen bring the boat out of the lock.

We were soon up the five locks and met only one other boat. The next thing was the Saddington Tunnel which again we didn't meet any boats. The canal is very winding, and non too deep and there is quite a lot of over hanging branches etc.

Nice and leafy round the bends.

Saddington Tunnel northern portal. The boat horse path looks very inviting. We only had a few drips. I didn't really expect any as there are supposed to be bats in the tunnel. We didn't see and though.

About half way with the tunnel light pointing up to the roof and st'bd to avoid dazzling on coming boats.

Alan and Sandra on 'Copper Dragon' moored up just by Smeeton Aqueduct for lunch. The girls had been discussing compost loos so we pulled over to give them the details of ours and so they could have a look, not too closely, obviously. Smeeton Aqueduct in the fore ground.

This is the feeder from Saddington Reservoir that supplies the summit pound and the locks down to Leicester with water.

We stopped at Debdale to get a gas bottle. It had lasted just a week short of three months so not bad. The gas was £24 so not too bad either. Whilst there we went to see where the boat had been built at Andicraft. Both Andy and Jez looked well and seem to be prospering having built around fifteen boats since ours, along with loads of other fabrication work. As ever there boats are really good value and well built. After our natter we just went round the corner and moored up to enjoy the sun. After a sit and read of the paper I was ready to check the batteries and top them up as required. We may have a walk to the foot of Foxton as it is such a lovely evening.

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  1. Hi Helen and Tony, I've just caught up on your travels this morning as it's busy with a grandson on board! Haven't done much reading or blogging. You have decided me that we will definitely do the Soar when David gets back from NZ. Your travelogue is great - keep it up as it helps us make plans ... Cheers, Marilyn