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Sunday, 29 December 2013

In between.

I forgot I had another of my presents that is canal related. After stripping my knuckles of skin and getting old oil in the engine hole bilge I decided to get a hand operated oil transfer pump so I could suck the old oil out of the PRM gearbox with out having to remove the plug. The space below the gear box is so small that you can't get anything of any size underneath to catch the oil. After a bit of looking around I settled on a Neilsen Multi use Transfer pump CT2567. It has the dipstick hose to use in the gear box, it can be used as a syphon and can pump air too. I would also be able to use it to suck small amounts of water from a bilge etc. I wont say I can't wait to use it, but as I serviced the engine after parking her up it means I will need to drain the gear box after another 250hrs so that will mean that we are off and running for next years cruising. You can get them for about £6-50 on E Bay. I think I would secure the orange hoses to the pump with jubilee clips if using it for air but we will see when I finally get to use it.

Neilsen Multi Use transfer pump.

After our walk on Boxing Day we had a social event on the Friday when we picked up my Mum and went over to Selby to spend the day with one of my brothers and his family. The food and banter were excellent as always and it is horrifying to see all the kids getting one so well with partners about and lives to lead. Makes  you wonder where the time has gone. My sister in law is quite arty and as a present for Christmas she gave us a water colour of 'Holderness'. It is great and we have just the spot to hang it in the boat.

Christmas painting of 'Holderness'.

I'm sure that if anybody is interested she would be more than happy to undertake commissions and would spend time getting it just right. We passed over to them some of our foraged products, cherry brandy, sloe vodka, damson jam and boozy bramble jam etc. I hope they enjoy them.

We have paid for the next quarters mooring fees and that has concentrated the mind to be off and cruising by the end on March. I can't wait.

All the very best for the New Year. I hope all your hopes and dreams make roots and next year blosom.

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