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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Brilliant batteries.

We went over to the boat for a few hours today. For the first time ever I have been able to check the batteries with ease. We had them moved from the engine hole to the st'bd locker and I was able to do a proper check in next to no time. I think I will move them a little further aft and I still need to construct a box to cover them better but I was able to open the caps easily. Check the electrolyte levels and the SG. When we left the last  time I  found that there were green 'charged ' lights on each battery, but one of the them was not illuminated. This time they are all lit and all the cells in each battery were about equal charge so it looks like there was no damage done to them after a year of not being able to check them properly. I am much relieved. But I still don't understand the invisible stuff. All connections were tight and everything seemed to be fine.

The batteries moved into the st'bd locker in the semi-trad stern.

The batteries covered with their lid still leaves room for some items for storage.

The engine hole was checked and all is dry and looking tiddly. I checked the drains for the deck boards and they were clear so the rain should run away okay. I checked the fenders and moorings. There is a little wear in the eyes of the mooring lines but not too bad at all. I put my old lines on for the winter. I checked the shore cable and connections and that was all tight and supplying power.

All looking nice and tidy externally.

I swept up the leaves and debris from the bow and stern and the roof and had a quick check round of all fixtures and fittings. We dead headed the flowers to but there is still a bit of colour there, and hopefully so until spring at least.

Just leaving, grudgingly. 

Inside I put the gas on and we made a cup of tea. Checked the water pump etc. The thermometer showed the the coldest out side had been -2.8 and inside + 2.5. We have to thermostatic heaters, one forward and  one aft, that seem to be doing their job. The temporary double glazing seems to be doing it's job and Helen took the curtain down that we had put up across the the back door so she could modify it a little.

We seemed to accomplish a fair bit in a short time, but it really made me feel that I wanted to sign on for another voyage as soon as possible. Mind you I wouldn't really want to be living aboard in a marina, especially this one as you are  really packed in. At least it means that there are folk that will be looking out for your boat most of the time.

Not much room this side!

My next job is to tile the shower cubicle so I don't really want to get it wet if I can help it. Hopefully tiles will be cheaper in the sales so will get that done in January in the boring bit after Christmas and New Year.

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