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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

It's never dull in Hull.

Helen and I went over to Thorne and 'Holderness' today as I was meeting up with a bloke to size up some work for us. It was to move the battery bank into a more accessible position than at present as I literally can not get to one of the batteries to re-fill or test it. We are going to move them up into the st'bd seat locker of the Semi-trad. stern. This is directly above their current position so should be very easy, and relatively cheap to accomplish. The locker is ventilated so I can't really see any other issues with regard to the BSS Certificate. I will build a box round them and that way I will still be able to use the space above them for light storage.

I had plans to do a few other jobs too like change oil and filters etc, erect curtain poles for the back door etc but as I am a daft beggar I forgot my tools!! We did manage to top up the fuel tank to try to prevent condensation in the fuel and do some measuring up for other jobs.

The boat was looking good and we instantly felt at home and ready to sail away again. The double glazing film at the windows and side hatch had been doing it's job as the wood work was dry. The minimum temperature in the boat had been +5C so it either hasn't got too cold or the heaters that I have set on +5C have been doing their job. The Hurricane heater started straight away and soon had the boat warm through out. The engine started first time too, which is all very encouraging. There was no water in the engine bilge either

The trip was useful as It was obvious that going for the day wont really be long enough to get too much done. I therefore have resolved that the next time I go it will be at least an over night stay. The trip from the berth to the fuel point and back was a good fix for my withdrawal symptoms for the boat. It meant turning twice in the confines of the berths. It is only three weeks since we moored up but it seemed ages that we had been away, hopefully it wont be so long til the next time.

You are maybe wondering what this all has to do with the title of post? Well Hull is one of the four finalist for UK City of Culture for 2017. The others are Leicester, Swansea Bay and Dundee. I can probable guess what you are all thinking but don't write us off so quickly. Hull is a dark horse. Nobody comes here accidentally. We are not on the road to any where, except maybe the ferry to Rotterdam or Zeebrugge, and this has made Hull a very individual place. For the official bid a short film has been made and I think it really sums us up very well, and is beautifully filmed too. I think of the four candidates Hull will gain the most from winning as I feel we have the biggest need for a leg up. Hull is just waiting to bloom and move on into the 21st Century.

Please watch the Youtube video 'This City Belongs to Everyone' ; 

(Not sure how to embed the actual Youtube)

I'm a big softie, but I had tears in my eyes as it has managed to show what I feel about this place I call home that only ever seems to get bad  publicity. If you like what you see please tell others about it as every little helps. Party political party for the Hull, City of Culture 2017 bid is over.

The winner of the bid will be announced next Wednesday 20th. Everything is crossed.

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