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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hull in the Headlines (for the right reasons) at last.

Well there you go. Hull is to be the City of Culture 2017. I was quietly confident really and was surprised when I heard the Swansea Bay was supposedly the favourite. There is a lot being said about why Hull won and this phrase 'Hullness' seems to be bandied about. I think that it is a very special place that has a different type of person. As the city is cut off it can be a laughing stock. The M62/A63 is a very big cul de sac. This isolation has also been the reason that the city character is how it is. We are quite down to earth and just get on with things. We don't crow and we aren't all  mouth and no trousers. People were also keen to have the City of Culture as we feel our isolation too and wpuld love to show our city in the best light. Our nature is to just crack on with things. Our humour is dry and definitely not slap stick. It is different here and I hope that from now to the end of 2017 folk will give us a chance and come and see for themselves. It is well known that many people come and spend time at University, work etc and then decide to stay. Ans those born and bred inevitably seem to return in numbers too, so there must be something here. I know that there is nowhere else more deserving and who will get most from it. Bring it on.

Here are a few whistle wetters for those who haven't been to our place.

The Humber Bridge.

The Deep Aquarium.

The River Hull Tidal Barrier.

Queens Gardens with the Town Docks Maritime Museum in the background.

Prince's Street in Hull Old Town.

Paragon Station, Hull.

I'm sure whoever took the photos won't be too upset today to have them reproduced here.


  1. Hi Tony & Helen. I'm glad Hull got the vote for the City of Culture 2017. From the evidence I've seen its well deserved.

  2. Hi Steve, It is about time something good happened for Hull. We get a bad press but as very few people ever come here they don't really 'get' Hull and friendlier people it would be hard to meet. I hope that all is well with you both and that Brum will get over the bad recent press and shine as another great city. Cheers for now, Tony.