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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Cruising Costs 2016

I'm sure that you have all been waiting to see this years breakdown of costs for our cruising, but first here are a few photos of April last year.

We started the year off with a new flag, out with the old and in with the new! The old one had faded badly, and with the run up to Hull as City of Culture we wanted to look our best. The flag is that of the East Riding of Yorkshire.

We set off from Kings Orchard marina and headed towards Birmingham. On the way we stopped for a walk to Middleton Hall not far from Drayton Basset on the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal.

There is plenty of graffiti on the Saltley Cut on the way to Bordesley Junction but some can be quite engaging.

Old school Birmingham, still looks 'different' and modern.

From Birmingham we set off to Dudley, mainly to try a couple of pubs I fancied testing. I wasn't disappointed. We had a blizzard on the way back from one of them but here at Windmill End it was a lovely day for a walk in the early spring sunshine.

These used to be seen in every town and then disappeared but for a few examples. It now seems they are reinventing wheel and placing pissoirs around city centre to prevent anti social behaviour when the pubs and clubs chuck out.

We called in but they had no free samples. They did say they were hoping to set up a franchise in Tesco shops!

Our expenditure is set out in the table below, and I will expand on it over the next few weeks.

                               2014            2015            2016
Fixed Costs           1157-57      1504-09       1668-33
Mooring fees        1298-48      1524-55       1268-48
Fuel                      1156-66        824-94         721-92
Repairs                   790-84        321-63       1441-62
Equipment              678-22       164-22          556-75
Consumables          257-22       454-58          342-24
Total                    5338-99      4794-01        5999-34

That makes an average for running costs over the three years I have been keeping records of     £5377-45. Not too bad for about six months holiday a year, for two, to be honest.

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