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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Boat dash.

Helen and I managed to dash down to Streethay to check the boat out and chat with Tom and Nick about the repainting, and finalise colours. Very boringly perhaps, we are having just about the same as previously so it made it quite simple really.

The propeller that they would have to wait until January for has already arrived and it is so very obvious that the one we have on at the moment is of very thin scantlings. There is no way that I would be able to bend a blade back into shape with mole grips as I have done with the old one. I will keep the old one and see if it is worth fettling and balancing to keep as a spare.

I got quite a surprise when I saw the needle guns on the roof. I spent many hours with them as an apprentice when I went to see. The ships I was on were beautifully maintained and on a trip to the Far East all the running gear got maintained on the way out, and on the way back everything got painted. Needless to say salt water and steel don't really mix and there was always plenty of chipping of rust to do. It did look smashing when finished, but my elbows are paying for it now I think.

It is all sealed up so we weren't able to pop in to see but there is plenty of dust about as you can see. It wont be too long before they have it all prepared ready for painting.

They have left the windows in until they have the thick off the preparations done and will soon be taking them out to 'do' the areas round the window frames. I hope they come out okay with out losing all the blacking.

The boat has been out and had three coats of Intertuff put on. The bill came to £550 which I think sounds about average for having it done for you. It sounds okay if you say it quickly anyway!

I had painted the interior of the semi trad stern black and Helen liked it so we are going to keep that with the new paint scheme.

The sign writing will get done later and we will be having something very similar to what we had before as we really liked it. Boring again I suppose.

Next year I will have to set to and paint out the lockers and engine hole. I reckon that is a very good reason to go on a diet so as to be able to fit in the engine hole better.

Before we left the boat at the end of September we had Kim at the Little Chimney Company put a new flue in for the stove as the one we had was not fitted to take a double skinned chimney. The last thing we wanted was to pay out for  a new paint job and then get it ruined with the first fire. We had the chimney fabricated at the same time but it wasn't finished until we had gone home. Tracey and Kim held on to it for us and as we were in the area we went over to see them and pick it up. Kim says they are very busy and we just missed Tracey unfortunately.

The double skin means that any tar coming up the chimney will not condense so quickly and drip down as the inner flue will remain hotter. Any that does condense will drip back down the flue where it can be burnt up again as it will be hotter down there. Fingers crossed anyway.

Just the quick visit to the boat made us both realise how much we miss it and has pushed us into thinking about plans for next year so that we can schedule in time away on the boat as well as the volunteering work for the City of Culture year in Hull. That's getting very close now, and excitement is growing.

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