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Sunday 14 May 2023

Bed, Breakfast and Bugs.

 We were up late watching to them bitter end of the Eurovision extravaganza so we slept through to after 8 this morning. I'm not sure why we do it really as there was no tune that really  caught my attention. The UK entry was a good song but seemed to lack impact of the staging etc., but what do I know.

When I got up to make the tea and feed Macy the cat it was still quite misty.

Mach decided to clamber up the back steps to sample the fresh air this morning, something she does rarely these days.

Macy is now 16 years old and is pretty deaf and blind too, and on daily medicine for thyroid trouble too. So she is doing okay on the whole. Sorry I cut her ears off.

By the time we were up and ready the sun was out and it was another beautiful day. We weren't heading off straight away, but heading for our breakfast at Tuppenhurst Farm.

It was just a few minutes away but it was a lovely day for a walk and to develop an appetite.

This was our mooring seen on our way back and getting ready for the off.

The marina was only 30 minutes from this mooring but it was a nice paddle down the cut.

We went in with no wind and swung round to put the stern in to take on fuel. As there was no wind it seemed sensible to top up. We then swung round and found our berth again. It is almost easier to get round and stern to with a little wind, but all went well anyway. We topped up with water and measured up things we needed and got everything sorted before headed home.

We had a nice journey home, but I was struck by the number of bugs that were squished on the windscreen. Over the last couple of decades I don't remember it being this bad. In 'the old days' it was almost a hazard on a long journey as there were so many that it needed cleaning off regularly so as not to obscure the visibilty. I'm sure I remember reading that some University uses the number of bugs on the windscreen as a measure of the insect population generally. I known this is possibly peak time for flying bugs, but it could well be an indicator that things are getting better for our bugs.

We are not sure when we will be back aboard but hopefully not to long. Five nights aboard have refreshed us both and feels like we have been relaxing for much longer. The power of 'Better By Water' or whatever the C&RT slogan is.

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