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Thursday, 6 October 2022

Wind Assisted?

 A quiet night was had by all last night, despite the wind blowing. It is one of our favourite moorings, but \i'm not sure what it will be like when HS2 is completed and running, as I'm not really sure what the line here will actually be. Just a feeder to Stafford 'normal' lines I think.

Last night the night was very clear and the moor light very bright. The moon rose up between the trees either side of the lock. This was the best I could do. The bright line is the moonlight on the top of the swan's neck.

It was a lovely bright day this morning and we were away not long after 09;00. It was even warm when you were out of the wind and we both had our last day in shorts.

Another of those low autumn sun photos on the lovely stretch of canal from Woodend to Kings Bromley. We sawe no boats along this stretch at all.

Just to show you how much shelter the Black Slaish woods give, with the wind coming from the left about 12 to 14 kts there is still a reflection in the canal. I was hoping there would be this much shelter in the marina as we have to swing to go stern on to the fuel berth and then swing back into the wind and once again to back onto our berth.

The turn into the marina was easy as was the turn to back onto the fuel berth as the wind helped the bow round and I just needed to make sure the stern was close enough for me to jump off. We took 78.25ltrs onboard as £1.30 a litre. Not bad for a two week holiday. Getting off the fuel berth and the wind back through the wind was not so easy, but we did it with using an extended spring that helped the bow round until the stern was clear and I could go ahead to complete the turn. The run down to our pontoon was okay, there is a little more shelter there and I just had to get the bow generally pointing into the wind with the stern close enough to the pontoon for me to jump ashore with the centre line and stern line to ensure that the boat doesn't blow down either way. We were all tied up just after 10 AM.

It is always sad to pack up the boat after being away on the canals. It is a well oiled machine now and doesn't take us long. It is when I wish I could have managed to get round to some of the outstanding jobs. We were off on the road by 12:00 and were back home with no delays. First wash on and after a video from our grand daughter I was out of the door again to get some training wheels for her bike we got her for her birthday as she is coming round to stay tomorrow, after our flu jabs,  and wants to try her bike. 4 years old and already bossing me about. We are also having 8/9 month old grand son to stay for the night again, so he must have been fully okay after the last time. Good job we are well rested. Singing at Hull Minster on Saturday along with my No.1 daughter so that will be good, and a very busy programme set out for me foir a week or two. I wonder when we will be back on the boat now.


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Enjoy the grandchildren, T&H, they are lovely. My dad al;ways used to say if he'd known grandchildren were so much fun, he'd have had them first...


NB Holderness said...

Hi Marilyn,
The best thing about grandchildren is that you can hand them back! But they are great fun at 9 months and 4 yo. We will have to see if that is still true when they are in the teens though. (Hopefully I will still be around). At the moment they look forward to coming and it is nice to give the parents a day or so off. Helen keeps reminding me though that we didn't have anybody doing that for us!
They are coming again on Friday so we must be doing something right, although it takes more of the week for me to recover these days.

Look after yourselves.

Tony and Helen.