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Wednesday 23 May 2018

Back to winter quarters.

As you may have gathered these recent blogs have not been transmitted on the day they took place as I have been dashing backwards and forwards to home due to commitments, and I was again doing so today, the day of the Royal Wedding. I had booked us into Fettlers Wharf once again, and when doing so was told that a bit of a party was going to be held so we decided to be there by 1130 so as not to miss the big event.

Just as we were ready to leave the guys on the 'Wright Away' were ready to depart so we went togeher to shuttle through the bridges. We were both stopping at Rufford, us to enter the Marina and them to visit the NT property of Rufford Old Hall. As we moved up the Visitor Moorings we passed the Home Brew Boat 'Are and Are'. It didn't look like anybody was home though.

It was a beautiful morning to be on the water and the refelction of the bridge indicates that there was very little wind.

The old warehouse stands testament to the working days of the canal.

This section of the Rufford Arm of the the Leeds and Liverpool Canal is a canalised river and the bends have been left in. You can just see the roof of 'Wright Away' round the bend to the right of the picture.

Just to the south of the remains of the lock that originally allowed access to and from the canal to the river was this littl cruiser. I'm sure it wasn't there when we came down three weeks ago.

We were soon found a mooring at Fettlers, very close to our winter mooring. We were lashed up, filled with water and the flags up that Helen had bought after the last wedding that were being sold off cheap afterwards. She knew they would come in for something!

I was able to watch the ceremony and found it very moving, and call me an old romantic, but it did make me think about our big day 32 years ago. I missed the kiss outside as I had to catch the train back to Preston to pick up the car and drive back home for more history walks. I was to come back on Monday so as to be able to move on a little.

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